Moonlit Walk – Wednesday 16 January 2019

Moonlit Walk around the perimeter of Richmond Park using The Tamsin Trail (7.25 miles).  There will also be a shorter route of 5.25 miles.  Park outside Ham Gate and RV inside the gate.  Please RV at 18:15 hrs and be ready to start at 18:30 hrs.  We will walk anti-clockwise.

The aim is for us to use our night sight.  Therefore, no torches, head torches or other sources of white light are to be used.  Although the night of 16 January is due a full moon it may not be full until the early hours.  Be prepared for the moon not to rise!

Light coloured and/or reflective clothing is recommended.  Red torches or bicycle rear lights can be attached to clothing as red light does not destroy night-sight.

For safety please bring mobile phones, energy food bars and extra clothing.  We will look at the weather forecast and advise on relevant clothing one or two days before.  Afterwards there will be the option of retiring to The New Inn, Ham.

Updated: December 31, 2018 — 9:57 am